Saturday, 6 January 2007

Jason Webley

He has been called a dangerous cult leader, he likes the number eleven, and he likes tomatoes. His name is Jason Webley.

When I saw him live, it was basically the best show I have ever been to. I have never had soo much fun! When my friends told me he was an accordian player, I was at first skeptical I would enjoy him, but they raved about him soo much, curiosity made me go. Sure enough, they were correct.

His show is almost more of an act than a concert, and it has heavy emphasis on audience participation. There are sing alongs, dance alongs, and silly things like the "Turns-into" sign he tells the audience about. During one song, he told us to put our shirts over our heads like Beavis and to dance around during the chorus. He said if you see a neighbor not doing it, gently lift their shirt up for them. Out of context, you'd think, "Yeah right, nobody is going to go for that." But the fact that EVERYONE did it shows just how much the audience was entranced by his show.

You can listen to him here at his Myspace and read about him here at his Wikipedia.

Note: just because you don't like his recorded stuff does not mean you won't probably enjoy his show. I wasn't too fond of his recordings when I heard them the first time, but I loved his show.

Basically, if you ever get a chance to see him, DO IT!! I'm sure you won't be disappointed =)



Anonymous said...

Why do you worship this fellow? I worry about you...

Jasono said...

you need to see him live before you can comprehend his awesomeness lol.

seriously though, his show was amazing, but nobody ever listens to me =(